Lync Reverse Proxy, create CSR in TMG

Nice blog post on creating Lync Reverse Proxy Certificate Request from TMG.

Chad McGreanor's Blog

Below are the steps to create a standalone certificate request from the TMG 2010 server in order to generate a CSR for a Public CA.

  1. Open Certificate MMC
  2. Expand Personal > Certificates
  3. Right – Click Certificates then All Tasks then Advanced Operations Then Create Custom Request
  4. Select Next
  5. clip_image001
  6. Select Proceed without enrollment policy
  7. clip_image002
  8. Select No template legacy Key
  9. clip_image003
  10. Select Properties
  11. Enter a friendly name
  12. clip_image004
  13. On the Subject tab enter the Common Name and Alternative names
  14. clip_image005
  15. On the extensions tab under Key Usage choose Digital Signature and Key encipherment
  16. clip_image006
  17. Under extended key usage choose Server Authentication and Client Authentication
  18. clip_image007
  19. Under the private key tab under key options choose key size and select 2048 and select private key exportable
  20. clip_image008
  21. Under Key type choose Exchange and ensure that the key size above is set to 2048
  22. clip_image009
  23. Select OK, Choose path to save and provide the CSR to a Public CA and then import…

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