Microsoft Ignite 2015 – A travelers story…

Hi all.

In the beginning of May 2015, there was finally time for the first ever Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago. The time up in front of this was long, but nevertheless full of anticipation on what would Microsoft would bring to the table and out into the air…

I did arrive in Chicago late Sunday afternoon, and was ready to begin the Ignite journey – keynote was first on the agenda. The keynote was fun, interesting and full of new information of what Microsoft was aiming for in the near, and far future…. The keynote was long, from 09:00 to 11:45 – full of thoughts and innovative ideas. After the keynote I was even more exited, of what the following week could offer.

My primary goals for attending Microsoft Ignite, was to get more information about Skype for Business, in both OnPrem, Hybrid and Office365 configuration.

There was a busy week in Chicago, but a very good one. A lot of insight into Microsoft “view” into the future.

A lot of focus is on running hybrid configurations in the combination with Azure.

The trip from Norway to Chicago was definitely worth it, and I am already utilizing much of the stuff I learned during MS Ignite. 

After a fantastic week in Chicago, the time for getting back to Norway started on Friday afternoons. During the layover at O’Hare, Chicago was struck by a thunderstorm. This caused O’Hare to go into Ground Stop, and again delaying the flight by two hours…

Nevertheless I wish to come back next year for a even bigger MS Ignite. 


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