Missed Call Notification – Not Working…..

Since November 2015 there has been issues with Missed Call Notification from Lync/S4B to Outlook.
There has been written many blogpost about this, but I will here try to summarize how to fix it – Until Microsoft release a permanent fix for the issue.

The following Windows Update’s are relevant for this issue.

I have been trying to solve this at several customers, but made a breaktrough today.

I have been searching for KB3101496 – Nothing to find!
Searched in Registry clearly shows that the patch is installed, but it’s not visible in Control Panel

Additional research pointet me in the direction of KB3114351.

Looking for KB3114351 in Control Panel showed that this patch was installed.
Did a Uninstall of this patch, with a following reboot.
After a reboot, the KB3101496 was again visible in Control Panel.
Did a uninstall of this patch as well, following with a reboot.

After a reboot, I checked the “About Skype for Business”, and the version was clearly changed.

About S4B

Did a test call, and VOILA – Missed Call Notification is restored !

In Short:

  • Unistall KB3114351
    • Reboot Computer
  • Unistall KB3101496
    • Reboot Computer

I hope this wil help others that has this problem, and that Microsoft will release a patch that fixes this forever…..


Skype for Business – Here comes the future

During sessions at #MSIgnite we have heared and seen enough to tell that Skype for Business will bring the future of communication to the marked.

Skype for Business brings great new features to both the end user and to the admins. 

End users will get a much better experience with the new client and clients – richer user interface and more server functions that brings the experience more unified. 

Admins will get a much more robust and stable system, able to bring much more functionality to the end user and several new features and toolsets to better administer and troubleshooting.

I’m now really looking forward to helping all my customers to bring their Lync systems towards Skype for Business.

Thanks Microsoft!

OneLiner: Move Lync users to another Lync pool, based on AD Group


The following PS OneLiner move users to another pool, based on AD Group.

Get-ADGroup “AD GroupName” | Get-ADGroupMember -Recursive | ForEach-Object {Move-CsUser $_.SamAccountName -MoveConferenceData -Target “New Lync Pool FQDN” -Confirm:$false}

This might come in handy, when you need to move users based on AD Groups.

Thanks to Joakim Erdal in Atea, for helping with command sequence..