Lync 2013 Mobility and IIS ARR

Since MS TMG server was withdrawn from the marked, IIS ARR has become the most common solution to publish Lync, Exchange and Sharepoint solutions.

There are good guides on how to configure IIS ARR and hos to publish Lync 2013.

One thing that I have been noticing, is that mobile users have been complaining about the following Message: “Your server configuration has changed. Please restart Lync”


After some searching on the topic, there was some info that told us to increase the Proxy Timeout value.
One very important info is:

You will need to increase the Proxy Timeout value for the Web External Publishing Rule.

I have had success with increasing the value to 960 Seconds.


IIS ARR as Reverse Proxy for Lync 2013

I have recently been trying to get IIS ARR to work as a reverse proxy for Lync 2013, and today I made a breakthrough 🙂

I have been following the NextHop article on how to set it up, but I didn’t manage to get it working 100% with all services – Office WebApps Server, LyncDiscover and Lync SimpleURL.

The issues I had was that I didn’t manage to get all services to respond correctly at the same time – And that must be one of the goals 🙂

After some “trial and error”, I came up with a URL ReWrite ruleset that worked.
The following URL Rewrite ruleset worked:

After I enabled the abowe ruleset Office WebApp Server, LyncDiscover and Lync SimpleURL’s gave the expected result.

Hope this helps anyone facing the same issues….