Lync Conference 2013


Last week I was attending the first ever Lync Conference in San Diego, California.
– What an experience 🙂

The participation was a great success, and I found the Conference very usefull in more than one matter.
Takeaways for the Conference:

  • Lync Room Systems:
    • These systems are very nice, and have the potential of revolutionize the video conferencing solutions
  • Lync Monitoring Service:
    • By making this as a service and not a separate server makes it even easier to install.
      • There is now no excuse for not “installing” this role…
      • This role should be a part of every Lync installations.
    • This service provides data to be both proactive and reactive in dealing with user issues.
  • Skype Integration:
    • There has been lots and lots of questions and rumors about Microsofts intentions around Skype
    • With new information presented at the conference, this is now more clear.
    • The to solutions will be 100% integrated in near future, providing real B2X (Business to Any) communication.
  • Lync Mobility:
    • Mobile devices will be able to act as real Lync Clients, being able to utilize both voice and video over both WLAN and 3G/4G in addition to aleady existing functionality.
  • General:
    • Very great technical content covering new and improved features.
    • All recorded sessions and PPT’s are available to participants to review after the Conference.
  • Networking:
    • I did speak to several conference participants, and received great tips, and found that my experience did help others in solve their issues.

The participation in this conference was a greate experience and a confirmation, that the choice I did several years ago when I decided to shift my career from being a general Windows consultant to specialize in Microsoft Unified Communications was the right choice for me. Microsoft Lync with all it’s capabilities keeps me in focus of always improving my work, and to help customers to really cut communication cost by providing them with the best Unified Communication solution on the marked.

Microsoft Lync Rules !!