Lync stopped joining Online Meetings ?


I have recently experienced that Lync stopped joining Online Meeting without pressing F5, after IE9 installation.

I asked some colleagues and searched the net for solution, but no really good answers.

After some investigation, I discovered that this must have something to do with the MeetingJoinHelper ActiveX component.

The first thing to verify is, that the ActiveX component is properly configured, to to this:

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Press the Alt key to bring up the Internet Explorer menu bar.
  • Click Tools | Internet Options.
  • Once the Internet Options screen appears, click the Programs tab.
  • Click Manage add-ons.
  • Click the Currently loaded add-ons drop-down near the left-hand side and select All add-ons.

  • Once all the add-ons appear, locate MeetingJoinHelper Class. The MeetingJoinHelper Class add-on enables the MeetingJoinAxOC.dll ActiveX Control to launch the Lync client.
  • Verify that the status is Enabled.
  • Right Click the addon, and select More Information.

  • Click Remove all sites, and Allow on all sites.
  • This will “reset” the ActiveX component, and the addon start to behave like it is supposed to.

I hope that this solves the issues you are experiencing – It sure did the work for me!