IIS ARR as Reverse Proxy for Lync 2013

I have recently been trying to get IIS ARR to work as a reverse proxy for Lync 2013, and today I made a breakthrough 🙂

I have been following the NextHop article on how to set it up, but I didn’t manage to get it working 100% with all services – Office WebApps Server, LyncDiscover and Lync SimpleURL.

The issues I had was that I didn’t manage to get all services to respond correctly at the same time – And that must be one of the goals 🙂

After some “trial and error”, I came up with a URL ReWrite ruleset that worked.
The following URL Rewrite ruleset worked:

After I enabled the abowe ruleset Office WebApp Server, LyncDiscover and Lync SimpleURL’s gave the expected result.

Hope this helps anyone facing the same issues….