iOS 9 and Lync Mobile 2013 Sign-In Issue

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Today (9/16) Apple released iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad devices which introduce a list of new features and enhancements around security as well.


Following users feedback, a sign-in issue was discovered with iOS 9 and Lync 2013 Mobile clients which effect users that have different settings for their region and language one the iOS device, meaning that heir region settings is set to a different language then the iOS language.

For those who have different settings, the following error message would appear:



The current workaround for now is to change the iOS language to the match the region settings (or vice-versa) until Microsoft will address the issues with upcoming update or with the next SfB Mobile client version.

Additional Information:

  • Microsoft also released a KB article describing the problem
  • A great blog describing the root cause analysis you can find here
  • Another great blog post from Mika (

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